Fire Fighter Products, Inc., currently provides fire protection services onsite to the Eastern half of North Carolina as well as South Eastern Virginia. We also sell fire and safety products, all across the USA. We sell currently direct to end-users, as well as many fire departments all across the United States. We supply all branches of our military; U.S. Army, Marines, Air Force and Navy. We also work with industrial, governmental and municipalities all across the United States in the areas of fire protection and safety products.


Fire Extinguisher Annual & Monthly Inspections- (In Eastern Half of North Carolina  & Southern Virginia Only) 

Fire System Semi-Annual Maintenance Services- (In Eastern Half of North Carolina  & Southern Virginia Only) )

We have been established since 1945, and for more than 71 years we are one of the oldest and most trusted names in Eastern North Carolina when it comes to fire extinguisher sales and services. Our company has grown to serve many commercial businesses and industrial accounts. We offer "Full-Time" factory authorized and trained service technicians, with the required skill to properly inspect your facility and make the necessary recommendations as required to remain code compliant and "FIRE-SAFE"

We also utilize the latest technology in bar code scanning to ensure a 100% inspection each and every time we visit your facility. We can also provide you with the latest in reporting using a third party verification company which is Building Reports, which assures quality record keeping of the history of your inspections and services.